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Daily reported crimes since 2015


Please would you provide me with:

1. A list of the number of crimes recorded on each date of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 calendar years (DD:MM:YYYY).

For each date of each year, please provide the number of crimes recorded in the following categories:

- burglary

- robbery

- anti-social behaviour

- public order offences

- sexual offences

- violence with injury offences

Please only include crimes recorded on those dates (i.e. exclude additions of non-recent offences).


Please find the information attached. Please note that as requested this information relates to the day the crime was reported and will not necessarily indicate the date the crime occurred. We have excluded historic crime (crime reported over a year after the offence).

FOI reference: 314/17.

Date of request: 06.03.17.

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