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Child Female Genital Mutilation Reports in 2016


In the last 12 months please answer the following ( Please note this related to the CALENDER year 1st of January 2016 to the 31st of December 2016)”

Please reply under the FOI act.

1. How many cases of FGM has force identified where there was a concern that FGM already occurred to a child (aged under 18), in the time frame above.

2. For the cases identified in question 1 how many cases did the force refer for medical examination to see if FGM occurred, in the time frame above.

3. Of the cases that were referred for a medical examination what was the average time from the initial suspicion of FGM to time to referral, in the time frame above.

4. What was the longest time to referral from initial suspicion FGM had occurred to referral for medical examination? In the time frame above.



1. Seven.

2. We referred three cases. Please note that not all circumstances would result in a referral for a medical examination. This would include instances where all evidence suggested the FGM was committed prior to the child’s entry into the UK as a resident and where they were not displaying any ill health symptoms or if an examination had already been carried out.

3. Average time is not recorded.

4. The longest time was 24 days, this is much longer than usual due to the circumstances of the individual case.

FOI reference: 324/17.

Date of request: 08.03.17.