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Cyber Crime Reports Since April 2013


I am writing to ask for the number of reports made and recorded within the last five years (April 2013 to March 2017) for the following:

1. Grooming of children on the internet (88A, 88C, 35)

2. Child sexual abuse/exploitation on the internet (35, 71, 73)

3. Paedophilia and the use of social media such as Facebook or Instagram (17A, 17B, 19D, 8L, 19E, 19G, 19H, 20A, 20B, 21, 22A, 22B)

4. All with reference to the Sexual Offences Act (2003),

5. Malicious Communications Act (1988),

6. Communications Act, s.127 (2003), and the

7. Serious Crime Act, s.67 (2015).


Please see our response in the attached spreadsheet. The first sheet ‘all cyber-crime by crime code’ provides all the reports to us that have been tagged as ‘cyber-crime.’ The second sheet ‘Summary’ provides the number of these cyber-crime reports broken down by the criteria in the questions 1 to 7. 

To extract the information for Q1 & 2 we have used the crime codes given and provided the number of reports where flags have been applied for safeguarding children and Child Sexual Exploitation.

To extract the information for Q3 we have carried out a text search to identify any mention of ‘paedophilia’ on any cyber-crime regardless of crime codes.

To extract the information from Q4 we have identified the number of cybercrime flags within the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

In respect of Q5 there are no offences under the Malicious Communications Act 1988 that are recorded on our crime recording system (there is only one section remaining under this Act and it is a non-notifiable offence.)

To extract the information for Q6 we have used the HO code for the Communications Act s127 which is 196/07.

To extract the information for Q7 we have used the HO code for sexual grooming which is 88A. This information is provided in response to Q4.

FOI reference: 422/17.

Date of request: 28.03.17.


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