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Acid Attack Reports 2015-April 2017


Please would you tell me:

A record of all acid attacks recorded by your force during the following calendar years:

a) 2015

b) 2016

c) 2017 to date (April 21 or whichever date is closest)

Please use calendar years but failing that financial years would be fine - please state which type of year you respond with.

By 'acid attack' I mean any kind of crime in which the perpetrator(s) threw acid or a corrosive substance at the victim(s) in order to harm them.

For each record, please provide:

i) the local authority of community safety partnership in which it took place

ii) the year

iii) the crime as recorded by the police (e.g. assault occasioning actual bodily harm) 

iv) the outcome of the crime (e.g. charged).


There is no specific offence to record ‘acid attacks’ therefore to identify the requested information we have conducted a word search in the modus operandi for words such as “acid, “corrosive”, “threw” and “acid attack”.

For the time period you have requested no reports were identified.

It may be the case that further information relating to ‘acid attacks’ is recorded and has not been identified by the search parameters described above.

One such incident has been reported in the media. The details you have sought in relation to that case is in the public domain.

FOI reference: 546/17.

Date of request: 21.04.17.