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Temporary Speed Cameras on the M5 in 2016


During the 2016 calendar year how many temporary fixed position speed cameras were withdrawn from service that were positioned at a site where a temporary speed limit had been introduced because of road maintenance? (This figure should include all those temporary cameras that were removed during 2016 but were installed at any time).

For each of the temporary cameras referred to above please state:

a) When was it installed?

b) When was it removed?

c) Where it was positioned?

d) What was the original speed limit on the road?

e) What was the temporary speed limit being enforced for the cameras?

f) How many speeding motorists were issued with fines during the period of the temporary speed limit reduction?

g) What was the highest speed or highest average speed recorded at this site and if known the make and model of the vehicle involved and the penalty imposed?

Please note that if this request would be better dealt with by another authority (eg your local speed camera safety partnership) then please forward it to them on my behalf.

For clarification purposes my question relates to temporary average speed camera systems used to enforce temporary speed limits as well as "normal" speed cameras. For average speed cameras please state the geographical start and end point of the cameras that monitored the stretch of road as well as the questions a, b, d, e, f and g above


Temporary speed cameras were positioned on the M5 junction 23 – 22 both directions. Enforcement started on the 16/11/2016. Enforcement ceased on the 19/12/2016. The original speed limit was 70mph, the temporary speed limit enforced during this period was 50 mph. 1425 fines were issued during the limit reduction. The highest speed recorded was 108mph the vehicle was a Mercedes ML350. We do not hold the geographical start and end point this would need to be requested from Highways England.

FOI reference: 559/17.

Date of request: 25.04.17.