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Disciplinary Action for Accessing Information Inappropriately


I would like to know the number of police workers who have faced disciplinary action for looking up members of the public's police records for unofficial business, from April 1, 2014 until March 31, 2017.

In each case, I would like to know the title and rank of the worker and what action was taken including but not limited to whether they were sacked or handed in resignation, and the number of occasions for each worker.

I would like the information running in calendar order, by month.

Clarification received

On the 28th April you clarified that “By police workers I mean all police staff. I did not use the word staff because I did not want to exclude workers who might be doing temporary or casual work for the force. I would like you to clarify the title of the worker or rank (if it is an officer) in each case. Unofficial business means anything other than legitimate practices at work.


Please see our response in the table below. This relates to employees that faced disciplinary action, as defined under the Police Reform Act 2002 or Police Staff sanctions. This does not include any management action or resignations where no disciplinary action was taken.

In addition the table only includes finalised cases and as per your request relates to those that have faced disciplinary action for accessing information inappropriately and does not include inappropriate disclosure of information.  




April 2014

Police Staff

Dismiss without notice

June 2014

Police Staff

Final written warning

July 2014

Police Staff

First written warning

August 2014

Police Officer

Dismiss without notice

March 2015

Police Staff

First written warning

February 2016

Police Staff

First written warning

FOI reference: 570/17.

Date of request: 27.04.17.