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Police Diversity


Q1. Does your force have an active Black Police Association or similar for black, Asian and ethnic minority (BME) members of your workforce?

Q2. What is it called?

Q3.  How many officers, support staff and PCSOs do you have?

Q4. How many of those are BME officers, support staff and PCSOs?

Q5. How many current Attendance Management cases do you have? (Force compared to BME)?

Q6. How many current Complaints do you have? (Force)?

Q7. How many current Disciplinary cases do you have? (Force only)?

Q8. How many current Employment Tribunals do you have? (Force compared to BME)?

Q9. How many current Grievances do you have? (Force compared to BME)?

Q10. How many current Incapability/capability cases do you have? (Force compared to BME)?

Q11. How many current Regulation procedures (Misconduct and Gross Misconduct) do you have? (Force compared to BME)?

Q12. How many current Unsatisfactory Performance Procedures Tribunals do you have? (Force compared to BME)?

Q13. What plans do you have to implement the Home Affairs Select Committee report on ‘Police Diversity’ HC27?


Q1. Yes

Q2. Black Police Association

Q3. Please find the requested information in the table below. This information is correct as at 31t March 2017. 



Police Officer


Police Staff




Q4. Please find the requested information in the table below. This information is correct as at 31st March 2017.



BME Police Officer


BME Staff




Please be aware that the above figures only represent those who have declared their ethnicity as this is not mandatory.

Q5. As at April 2017 there is one current BME attendance management case compared to four non BME,

Q6. As at the 6th May 2017 there were 185 current live complaints recorded.

Of the 318 individuals who are named as subjects in current live complaints 10 are recorded as BME. Please note that one complaint maybe made up of more than one allegation against more than one individual. This information has been provided in relation to complaints as defined by the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) under the Police Reform Act 2002.

Q7. In our response to your request reference 1333/16 which we replied to in November last year, we advise you that we were unable to retrieve the requested information in question 7 within the cost limits set under the Act.

This is because the information requested in question 7 is not centrally recorded and would involve an extensive search of our records to find and collate it. Some disciplinary action for example for lateness etc. will be managed by the individual’s line manager, and this information is contained within individual personnel files rather than centrally with our professional standards department. Each officer’s and staff’s personnel file would have to be manually reviewed. With over 5,000 officers and staff in the constabulary, it is estimated it would take over 18 hours to comply with your request.

Q8. We have five claims. I am unable to provide the number of BME claimants as the ethnicity of the claimant is not recorded on the claim form.

Q9. None

Q10. None

Q11. Please see the requested information in the table below:


Gross Misconduct (Hearing)

Misconduct (Meeting)










Q12. None

Q13. Our Equality, Diversity and Human Rights (EDHR) Strategy 2016-2020 is published here. This strategy outlines our strategic themes and objectives which incorporate our response to the Home Office Affairs Select Committee report on police Diversity.

FOI reference: 593/17.

Date of request: 03.05.17.