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Achieving Best Evidence Interview Training


1.  Does your force train officers in Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) Interviews?

2. Which teams receive ABE training?

3. How many officers have received ABE refresher training in the last 4 years?

4. If you are unable to confirm the number of officers trained can you confirm the last 5 dates of the refresher courses your force  has provided?

5. If your force does not provide refresher training does your force use another force or commercial provider for refresher ABE training?

6. Does your force use Registered Intermediaries in all ABE interviews for all children under 11?

7. What has been your forces expenditure been on Registered Intermediaries since 2014?


1. Yes

2. Training places are allocated on the basis of identified need through line management rather than to specific teams. Each generic team in the Investigations (CID) department will have trained staff who can interview vulnerable witnesses. Other officers outside of Investigations can be and are trained on a case by case basis.

3. Update sessions are run twice a year for all ABE trained staff. Over the past three years, 240 individuals have attended these sessions.

4. This question is not applicable.

5. This question is not applicable.

6. Registered intermediaries are not used in all ABE interviews for all children under 11 years of age as it is not always practical or necessary. Officers are trained to consider the use of an intermediary with all vulnerable witnesses and to provide a rationale for not using one if that is the decision taken.

7. There is no separate cost code for any expenditure on Registered Intermediaries, this would be incorporated within other Departmental budgets or in some cases paid for by the Crown Prosecution Service. This information is therefore not centrally recorded. 

FOI reference: 641/17.

Date of request: 16.05.17.