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Energy Management System Contract Information


I wish to request information relating to the organisation’s energy management system. I wish to request this information under the freedom of information act.

Please find my request below, which relates to the organisation’s contract relating to their energy management system. Not all organisations have energy management system and if the organisation does not have one please ignore the contractual part of my request (1-6) and concentrate on questions 7-12.

1. The supplier who provides the software to the organisation?

2. The cost associated with the software. Please provide me with the annual spend.

3. What is the brand of the software?

4. What is the duration of the contract?

5. When does this contract expires?

6. When does the organisation plan to review this contract?

7. Can you please provide me with the contract description of the services provided under the agreement with the supplier? This also includes potential extensions and support and maintenance services.

8. What is the organisation’s annual energy spend for the following:

(a) Electricity

(b) Gas

(c) Water

 9. What is the total number of meter points for Electricity for:

(a) Non Half Hourly (NHH) meter points

(b) Half Hourly (HH) meter points

10. What is the total number of Gas meter points?

11. What is the total number of Water meter points?

12. What is the total number of meter points for specialist gases and liquids?

13. Can you please provide me with the contact details of the key person responsible for this contract or around energy management.

14. Can you please send me the organisations’ energy management strategy/plan that covers 2017?



1. Energy management software is provided by Digital Energy Limited.

2. The cost associated with this contract is £9,709 over two years.

3. The software brand is Digital Energy Professional Edition.

4. The duration of the contract is two years.

5. The contract expires in April 2019.

6. The contract is due to be reviewed in September 2018.

7. Services provided as below:

  • Online user interface
  • Comprehensive reporting engine
  • Advanced analysis
  • Customisable reports
  • Secure cloud based application with unlimited user access
  • Administrator definable user access levels
  • Extensive library of data import
  • Availability of lite interface for energy champions to access key information
  • Dedicated helpdesk
  • Training programme

8. Please see annual energy spend below:


Spend 2016/2017









9(a) 52 NHH meter points.

(b) 5 HH meter points.

10. 54 gas meter points.

11. 51 water meter points.

12. N/A.

13. Information about the Environment and Sustainability can be found on our website, including useful contacts. You can contact using the general contact and enquiry form provided.

14. I am not obliged to supply the Sustainability Strategy as the exemption applicable to this information is Section 21 – Information reasonably accessible by other means. This is an absolute and class based exemption and as such does not require a harm and public interest test.

The information requested is publicly available to view on our website on the Environment and Sustainability pages. I have provided a link for reference. You will find the requested information under the ‘related documents’ heading.

FOI reference: 758/17.

Date of request: 20.06.17.