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Weapons Amnesties Since 2016


I am writing to request information on weapons amnesties held since 1 January 2016, up to and including today (Wednesday, 8 July, 2017).

Please provide me a list of the items handed in to you, if any, and the dates on which you held the amnesties. I would like the information in electronic format, please, preferably separated by amnesty event if that is easiest for you.


Since the 1st of January 2016 we have held 2 knife amnesties as part of operation Sceptre – these were held between the 15th – 23rd October 2016 and   1st – 8th May2017

The amnesties have been force wide and have consisted of 10 amnesty bins located in Police station front offices and community centres.

We have also had 2 amnesty bins based at Bristol magistrates and Crown court – in their reception areas.

The items have not been seized and have all been donated to the British Iron Works to either melt down or use as part of their knife sculpture which has been constructed in respect for victims of knife crime.

To date a total 310 knives have been deposited in the bins.

FOI reference: 851/17.

Date of request: 12.07.17.