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Total Loss Police Vehicles in 2016/17


1. How many of your vehicles were destroyed (by destroyed I mean damaged beyond economic repair) in 2016/17 following any kind of road traffic accident? What was the make and model of the most expensive vehicle that was written off.

2. What was the total cost of this damage to your service because of the accidents referred to in Q.1? If you were insured and suffered no direct cost other than through your insurance premiums, please provide me with a figure for the total value of those vehicles when written off?

3. In the 2016/17 financial year, how many claims of compensation were paid to members of the public who were injured in a collision involving one of your vehicles and what was the total amount of the compensation?

Please note that members of the public could be a passenger in your vehicle, a pedestrian or the driver/passenger in another vehicle.

Note: The question relates to the date the claim was paid irrespective of when the accident took place or when the claim was made. 


1. Six of our cars have been deemed a ‘write off’ following accident damage caused in 2016/17. The most expensive vehicle was a BMW 330.

2. The total ‘current’ market value of these vehicles was £39,052.

3. 11 claims were paid compensation for injury in a police accident during 1/4/16-31/3/17 (date payments made between those dates irrelevant of date of incident or date file was opened or closed) totalling £25,822.95.

FOI reference: 865/17.

Date of request: 14.07.17.