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M4 and M5 Speed Enforcement


On the M4/M5 interchange 'managed motorway' section do the cameras detect cars travelling over 70 mph when there is no speed limit set on the gantry displays, i.e., national speed limit is therefore in force? And if they do detect offences will offenders be issued a Notice of Intended Prosecution as a matter of course? I was under the impression that the cameras were affectively turned off when no enforced speed limit was in effect. However, I've received an enforcement notice after years of travelling this section of the motorway without issue. Have the cameras recently been turned on to detect and issue penalty notices for cars travelling over 70mph?


The cameras detect cars travelling over 70mph when no speed limit is set on the gantry displays and offenders will be issued a Notice of Intended prosecution.

We have always issued NIPS for vehicles travelling in excess of the National Speed Limit since HADECS cameras were deployed in June 2014.

FOI reference: 902/17.

Date of request: 22.07.17.