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Abuse by Carers/Care Providers Offences


Q1. How many investigations have you undertaken into offences under sections 20 and 21 of the Courts and Criminal Justice Act 2015 - abuse by carers/care providers - since the act came into force?

Q2. How many alleged victims were there?

Q3. How many individuals were charged with offences following investigations?

Q4. How many were convicted and at which level of court?

Q5. How many of these pleaded guilty?

Q6. What penalties did they receive?


We have searched for all recorded offences of:

  • Care worker ill-treat / wilfully neglect an individual
  • Care provider breach duty of care resulting in ill-treatment / neglect of individual

This has returned a total of 26 reported offences involving 28 victims. 

Please note that a crime may have more than one victim associated with it. 

Two offenders have been charged.

The results for the two prosecuted cases are as follows:-

Case 1 was heard at Crown Court–  Not Guilty under S17 Criminal Justice Act (1967) – No evidence offered.

Case 2 was heard at Magistrates’ Court.

Not Guilty plea


  • Community order made
  • Rehabilitation activity requirement
  • £120 fine
  • £50 compensation
  • £85 surcharge to fund victim services

FOI reference: 1060/17.

Date of request: 24.08.17.