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Clifton Suspension Bridge Suicide Calls Received Since 2013


I would be grateful if you are able to confirm how many people have deliberately jumped to their deaths from Clifton Suspension Bridge since 2013.

With increasing mental health figures, year by year, I would like to ascertain some solid statistics.  If you are able to include a breakdown for male and female then this would help.


We have conducted a search of call records using a text search for suicide/ jumper and body for the location of Clifton suspension bridge from 2013 to date.

From this search we have identified 22 reported incidents. Of these 19 concerned males, and 3 concerned females.

This information is reliant on the information being supplied to the police in the first instance, therefore this may not be an accurate figure.

FOI reference: 1114/17.

Date of request: 11.09.17.