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Custody Guidance For Transgender Suspects


Q1. Does Avon and Somerset Constabulary have a policy or guidelines for the treatment of transgender suspects and/or offenders?

Q2. Does Avon and Somerset Constabulary record the number of transgender suspects that have been arrested and processed through custody in the last twelve months. If so, what is that number?


Q1. Please see the attached document for the relevant information which has been extracted from the Custody Standard Operating Procedure. In addition, guidance is available for officers on our intranet pages. The relevant material has been extracted and is provided in the attached document.

Q2. There is a category to record transgender suspects who have been detained. We have identified a total of 20 detainees recorded as transgender in the last 12 months.

FOI reference: 1133/17.

Date of request: 15.09.17.


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