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Police Stations Closed Since 2010


I am requesting the following information regarding changes your organisations estate since 2010.

1. Location of police stations closed since 2010.

2. The current status of the building (i.e. sold/lease surrender/mothballed)

3. The date of the building's closure.

4. Whether re-provision of service was provided (if so what).

5. Location of future police station closures (if any).

6. Date of closure (if known).

7. Whether re-provision of the services provided is planned (if so what).

If going back to 2010, is likely to incur a refusal on costs grounds, changes since 2012 would also be acceptable.

Clarification received

On the 31st October you clarified that in respect of police stations closed you mean stations that are no longer in use or have been sold, the building is now empty.

By re-provision you mean that the station may have been replaced by a presence in another building i.e. fire station, school etc. or by a new building.


Please see the attached for our response to Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4. The year of the closure of each police station has been provided as the closure is often a gradual process with no specific date.

In respect of Q5, Q6 & Q7 there are no approved plans for further police station closures.

FOI reference: 1305/17.

Date of request: 25.10.17.

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