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Controlling/ Coercive Behaviour Reports


Since the introduction of the Serious Crime Act 2015, how many of the following have taken place under Section 76 (“Controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship”):

-           Reports of offences

-           Arrests and outcomes

-           Arrests

-           Cautions

-           Charges

-           Prosecutions

-           Convictions

In addition, I also request a breakdown of these figures by gender and for the data to be displayed by month and year from December 2015 to date.


A total of 506 reports of engaging in controlling/coercive behaviour in a family relationship have been recorded since December 2015. The requested breakdown of this information is attached.

Please note that at this present time not every record has victim or offender information, therefore there are fewer victims and offenders in the breakdown provided. In addition, a victim may have reported more than one crime in the breakdown period. In this instance they will only be counted once.

The number of prosecutions is the number of charges/summons as once an individual is charged or is given a summons or postal requisition, the prosecution process commences.

FOI reference: 1283/17.

Date of request: 18.10.17.


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