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ISDN Lines in Police Buildings


1. How many buildings in your force area have studios/rooms equipped with ISDN lines for broadcast radio/TV interviews?

2. How much money was spent on installing these facilities, and what is the annual cost of maintaining them?

3. How many times have the ISDN lines been used in the past year?

4. If possible, please send any documentation or correspondence with the BBC regarding the need for these ISDN lines


The Constabulary has one building that has a room equipped with the ISDN lines.

The frequency of the usage is not recorded.

No further information concerning correspondence has been identified.

With regards to the associated cost of the ISDN lines, these are provided under our contract with a private company, Southwest One under the provision of information technology. The specific cost is therefore not held by the Constabulary.

FOI reference: 1306/17.

Date of request: 25.10.17.