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999 and 101 Call Statistics 2015-2017


Please may I have information for the purposes of academic research any information available relating to your:

Call centre calls for 999 Emergency Calls and 101 Non Emergency Calls? For a wider time period (number of years) as you are able to provide. I would ideally like this on a daily resolution however if this is not available (within the timeframe or cost element of the FOI act) then weekly or monthly would be more than acceptable. Information which would be helpful would be

Total Volume of Calls,

and if accessible Answer Time

and Abandoned Phone Calls,

any other information stored at source would also be welcome for example Abandoned Phone Calls after X time (Various police forces have numerous metrics)


To best answer your request we have provided the information that is accessible to us in the last 2 years on a monthly basis. Please see our response attached.

The thresholds are 60 seconds (it used to be 45 secs) after selecting what option you require for 101 and 10 seconds for 999.

FOI reference: 1580/17.

Date of request: 21.12.17.

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