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Glastonbury Festival 2017


1. The total number of police officers that policed the 2017 festival, including those brought in from constabularies other than Avon and Somerset.

2. A breakdown of the rank of these officers (i.e. the number of police constables, number of sergeants)

3. The total number of police officers that are  typically in full-time employment in constabularies other than Avon and Somerset, and what constabulary they are typically in employment in.

4. A detailed breakdown of the cost of policing the event.

5. The number of persons arrested each day with a breakdown of offence; Of the number of persons arrested, the number that were charged with the offence, charged and released on bailed, and released with no further police action

Clarification received on the 12th February:

I realise that I omitted stating that I am requesting this information about the 2017 Glastonbury festival.


1. 680 officers policed the event.

2. Please see the breakdown in the table below: 



Chief Inspector




Police Sergeant


Police Constable


3. All officers were from Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

4. Please find a breakdown of costs in the table below: 



Non-pay costs


Total overtime expenditure


Total cost in staff wages


The full cost of the operation has been recovered.

5. I am not obliged to supply the 2017 Glastonbury Festival arrests as the exemption applicable to this information is Section 21 – Information reasonably accessible by other means. This is an absolute and class based exemption and as such does not require a harm and public interest test.

The information requested is publicly available to view on our website. I have provided a link for reference -

FOI reference: 224/18.
Date of request: 12.02.18.