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Police Officer Driver Training


1.(a) How many officers are employed by your force and

(b) how many of them hold full driving licences.

2. According to the College of Policing definition of trained drivers officers can be considered as either basic, standard/response and advanced. Please state how many officers you have at the

(a) basic level,

(b) standard/response level and

(c) advanced level.


1)(a) There are currently 2,726 police officers in the constabulary. The figure provided is correct as at 31st May 2018.

(b) We do not hold a central record of all officers who hold a full driving licence. However, it is a requirement that a police officer recruit either holds a full driving licence or obtains one before the start of their training. 

2) Please note that an officer must have obtained basic level before training for standard response level and must have obtained standard response before training for advanced level.

(a) Basic

1,495 frontline deployable officers

(b) Standard Response:

1,088 frontline deployable officers

(c) Advanced

341 frontline deployable officers

The figure above does not include officers who have received the training but are no longer in response related roles.

FOI reference: 714/18.

Date of request: 24.05.18.