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How We Grade 999 Calls


Under FOIA please can you provide me with the following information for 999 calls as at September 1 2017, and the same information if any changes have been made thereafter:

1. What are the different grades used by the constabulary to allocate calls to

2. What criteria are used to determine which grade each call is allocated to


We have five different grades of priority for responding to an incident:


Priority High

Priority Standard


Resolution without deployment.

All incidents are risk assessed using THRIVE.  Our call scripting tool, SmartCall, incorporates the THRIVE methodology and this allows our call handlers to allocate initial gradings to calls based on these principles.  Calls can still be re-graded where it is appropriate on the basis of professional judgement and the specific aspects of the call. Where this happens, the consideration of Threat, Risk and Harm will remain a guiding principle in the decision.

At the end of March 2018 we introduced the priority standard response, splitting priority incidents into two categories - Priority high and priority standard. The call handler grades the incident as a priority and the control room supervisor completes an upfront assessment of those logs and grades high or standard.  This has been brought about by the level of demand we now have and a need to be able to distinguish the higher priority incidents on the screen.  

FOI reference: 935/18.

Date of request: 19.07.18.