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Police Dogs and Horses Injured On Duty


1. Would you be able to tell me please how many (if any) of your police dogs and horses have been injured on duty in the last 24 months?

2. Where possible can you tell me how many were deliberately harmed by a member of the public.


Information has been previously published in relation to injuries to dogs on duty until March 2017, please see the link below:

Since March 2017 1 dog has been injured whilst on duty, this was not as a result of deliberate harm by a member of public.

During the last 24 months we have only had one recorded incident where a police horse was repeatedly punched in the face by a member of the public. The police horse suffered no lasting injury and the person responsible was arrested and charged.

FOI reference: 1059/18.

Date of request: 10.08.18.