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Taser Deployment on Under 18's in 2017 and 2018


Please provide data on the number of times officers in your force have used Tasers on children aged 17 years old and younger.

Please can this be broken down by year (i) 2017 and (ii) 2018.

Please can this data be further broken down by:

(a) age; (b) ethnicity; (c) category of highest use (i.e. Drawn, Aimed, Arched, Red Dotted, Drive Stun, Angled Drive Stun and Fired); (d) reason for use; and (e) location of use (i.e. in police custody, in public etc)


Please find the requested information attached. With reference to the reason the Taser was used, a Taser may be drawn for a variety of reasons and for this reason we do not record one specific answer. However further information regarding Taser use is available on our website here.

FOI reference: 1224/18.

Date of request: 20.09.18.

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