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Resolution Team


1. Does your force have a unit that resolve calls on the telephone rather than sending out officers? If the answer is no then please disregard the rest of the questions

2. What is the name of this unit? Some forces call them resolution centres or incident resolution teams, others use the names demand hubs or crime support hubs

3. How many staff work in it and what hours is it manned?

4. How many calls has it handled in a) 2017 and b) 2018?

5. What was its budget in a) 2017 and b) 2018?

6. If possible please provide a breakdown of its work eg 40% welfare calls 20% antisocial behaviour 10% criminal damage etc

7. If possible please state what proportion of all calls to your force it handled in a) 2017 and b) 2018 – or what proportion of demand it has removed from the frontline, if you have calculated that


1. Yes.

2. Resolution Team

3. 16 FTE Police Officers and one Police Sergeant.

4. This process started on 1st March 2018. Since then, the team have dealt with 5,149 incidents.

5. There is no specific budget for the Resolution Team as it is funded from the Directorate’s budget.

With reference to questions 6 and 7, the percentages are not specifically recorded. The Freedom of Information Act allows a right of access to recorded information. For the purpose of the Act, information that is already recorded or documented at the time of the request can be disclosed (subject to any relevant exemptions), and there is no requirement to create information in order to satisfy a request. However, in order to assist you the percentages have been calculated from the information that is held.

6. Please see a breakdown below:











Please note that this team also assist and support staff within the Incident Assessment Unit.

7. Since April 2018m the resolution team have disposed 5,234 call cards. During this period, a total of 277,013 call cards have been raised. Therefore this accounts for 2%. In terms of crime, the Resolution Team are currently dealing with 3.3% of all allocated crime.

FOI reference: 1354/18.

Date of request: 19.10.18.