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Arrest Warrants in North Somerset


1) How many people are subject to arrest warrants for people who have their registered address in the North Somerset area?

2) For every open warrant, please could I have as much detail as possible on their charges, the date their warrant was issued, their address (or town, if this is not possible), how far their case had progressed and which court they failed to appear at.

Clarification received:

If possible, all records still outstanding would be ideal, but if that is too much then the past five years on a year-by-year breakdown would be sufficient


  1. There are a total of 40 warrants.
  2. Please see attached document. Please note the following:

Fail to appear = charged with offence to appear at court and has failed to do so.

First Instance warrant = a "first instance" warrant (Magistrates' Courts Act 1980 section 1) - Justices can authorise arrest under warrant for a person who is suspected of or has committed a criminal offence. The warrant may or may not be endorsed for bail


FOI Ref:701/16

Date of Request: 11.05.16

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