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Stolen Bicycles in Bristol in 2015


Could you please tell me how many bicycles were stolen in Bristol in 2015 and how many of these were recovered.

Could you also tell me, in connection with the above, how many people were prosecuted and how many convicted for stealing bicycles in Bristol in 2015


There were 2,510 recorded crimes in Bristol where 3,197 bicycles were stolen. Of these, 100 were recovered. For your information, some of the bicycles listed as stolen may have been later recorded as ‘found’, ‘damaged’ or ‘seized’. These have not been included in the ‘recovered’ figure.

A total of 21 people were prosecuted for thefts of pedal cycles that occurred in Bristol in 2015. Of these, 19 were convicted. Please note that some prosecutions and convictions for offences committed in 2015 were finalised in 2016.

FOI reference: 1515/16.

Date of request: 18.12.16.