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Body Cameras - Statistics


  1. Do you deploy body cameras in your force area?
  2. If Yes: How many body cameras is your force able to deploy at any given time?
  3. Does your force deploy body cameras to regular officers?
  4. Does your force deploy body cameras to special constables?
  5. Who is the portfolio lead for the purchase, deployment and maintenance of body      cameras in your force?
  6. If No to Q1: Does your force propose to invest in body cameras for the safety      of the community and police officers in the 2016/2017 financial year?



1. Yes. 

2. We have 323 cameras that are deployed across Avon and Somerset Constabulary. However, we are currently planning to increase this number to approximately 2000, in order to equip all Sergeants, Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers” 

3. Yes. 

4. No. 

5. Chief Finance Officer and Director of Resources – Julian Kern. 

6. Not Applicable.


FOI Reference: 538/16