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Compensation payments to Third parties by Force/Insurer


1. Please could you supply the number of RTAs for which the force/its insurer paid out compensation to third parties in each of the calendar years 2013-15? If yearl;y records are held in another format (eg. by financial year), that would be acceptable.

2. What was the total compensation paid out in each year? And what was the highest single payment in each year?


Please find details below where payments were made to third party. The entry on our system is for ‘Award’ and this includes damages to vehicle or person or property or any other losses incurred as result of the accident.


2013 – 45

2014 – 39

2015 – 44


Compensation                                Highest

2013 - £246,426.22                          £17,307.32

2014 - £138,038.00                          £45,000.00

2015 - £101,016.90                          £12,517.33

FOI Ref: 815/16

Date of Request: 14.06.16