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Use of Community Resolution Orders


Can you provide me please with information on your force's use of Community Resolution Orders from 2013, 2014, 2015 and so far in 2016?

I'd like a full breakdown of how many orders have been used over that period, broken down month by month, and for what type of crime the order was used to resolve (theft, robbery, assault, GBH, rape etc) and as much information about the case as possible (age of victim, details of the crime). 


A community resolution, which often includes restorative approaches, brings victims, offenders and communities together to decide upon a response to a particular crime. It is about putting the victims’ needs at the centre of the criminal justice system and finding positive solutions to crime by encouraging offenders to face up to their actions. Community resolutions can be used for the following:

  • For incidents where no crime has been committed 
  • To resolve less serious criminal and anti-social behaviour 
  • As part of a longer term resolution in conjunction with Criminal Prosecution

A guide is used to determine the seriousness of a crime and whether it falls into the category as suitable to be resolved through community resolution. An offence can only be resolved through community resolution when the offender has admitted the offence and the victim has given informed consent to the process. The decision to resolve by community resolution must be made by an officer at Inspector rank or above. The use of community resolution is regularly audited and reviewed ensuring its appropriate use. The option to resolve an incident using a restorative method offers an opportunity to intervene at an early stage, before a crime has been committed.

Please see the number of community resolutions used since 2013 in the table below:


Community   Resolutions







2016   (to date)


Please find the requested breakdown in the attached file. You will notice the age of the victim is not always recorded. We have provided you with as much detail as possible, further details would enable the identification of victims therefore would attract an exemption.


FOI Ref: 395/16

Date of Request: 10.03.16


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