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Security Alarms, CCTV and Fire Detection Contracts


1. Does your organisation currently have a contract for Security alarms, CCTV & Fire detection?

2. When this contract(s) is due to end?

3. Who are these contract(s) with?

4. How many devices are supplied and what manufacturer are they?

5. Were these items purchased using procurement framework, if so which framework was used?

6. When does your organisation intend to tender for these services?


1. Yes.

2. 31/03/17.

3.  Static Closed Protocal/ Sovereign/ADT/CHUBB

4. Apollo/Nittan – More than 10,000.

5.  Yes, Blue Light.

6. This contract is likely to be advertised on the Blue Light Portal towards the end of  2016 in readiness for a start of the new contract in April 2017.


FOI reference: 906/16.

Date of request: 11.07.16.