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Utilities Contracts


Specifically you asked:

1.    Contracts/Agreements relating to the supply of Gas which may include the following:

·         Natural Gas Supply

·         Gas Heating / Boiler Maintenance

·         Installation of Gas Central Heating Systems 

2. Contracts/Agreements relating to the supply of Electricity which may include the following:

·         Street Lighting

·         Electricity Supply (Half Hourly)

·         Electricity Supply (Non Half Hourly)

·         Corporate Electricity Supply

3. Contracts/Agreements relating to the supply of Water which may include the following:

a.       Supply of Water

b.      Waste Water

Contract Information- For each of the types of the contract that I am requesting please can you send me the following information. Please remember if there is more than one provider can you please split the contract information up for each individual provider?

1.       Unique Contract Key: Please can you provide me with a unique reference quote that relates to each contract.

2.       Current Provider: If there is more than one provider please split the contract information individually.

3.       Annual Average Spend: Please can you send me the average spends over the last three years. Approximate spend is also acceptable.

4.       Contract Duration: Duration of the contract/agreement and can you please include any extension periods that could be executed

5.       Contract Commence Date: The date the contract/agreement commenced

6.       Contract Expiry Date: The date the contract/agreement expired

7.       Contract Description: A brief description of the contract of what support/service in involved

8.       Responsible Officer: Who within the organisation is responsible for this contract. Please can you send me the full names, actual job title, internal contact number and the officers direct email address.

If there is more than one supplier please split each profile of the above data types for each supplier. E.g. separate spend, expiry date, responsible officer.

In some cases I have been told that some requests may take of the period of collating this information. If this is the case please can you only concentrate on part two of my request (Contracts/Agreements relating to the supply of Electricity).


1. Regarding the installation and maintenance of heating systems/boilers, a contract is in place with Integral covering all mechanical and electrical maintenance work. A separate installation contract does not exist. 

The integral contract commenced in November 14 and ends in 31/10/17.  It contains options to extend for 2 years until 31/10/19. Annual spend under the contract is approximately £520,000 

2. Street lighting maintenance would also be covered under the above contract. 

3. Regarding the supply of water this is not currently covered by any contractual arrangements apart from those that naturally exist with the water companies.

We have previously provided you with the annual average spend for the years 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15. Please find attached last year’s figures below: 

HH Electricity  = EDF (Annual Spend = Approx £900,000)

Non metered Electricity = EDF (Annual spend = negligible)

NHH Electricity = British Gas (Annual Spend = Approx £420,000)

Natural Gas = Corona Energy (Annual Spend = Approx £350,000)

The remainder of your request for information has been considered and I am not obliged to supply the information you have requested in questions 1, parts (a) and (b), question 2, parts (b - d) and question 3 parts (a - b), and (d - h). 

The exemption applicable to this information is Section 21 – Information reasonably accessible by other means. This is an absolute and class based exemption and as such does not require a harm and public interest test. 

In relation to Question 1, parts (a-b) and question 3 parts (a - b) and( d - g) all of the constabulary’s contracts for the supply of energy including natural gas, half hourly,  non-half hourly  and unmetered electricity, are annual supply contracts awarded under the Crown Commercial Service frameworks.  The energy contracts are available to view publically here. I have provided links for ease of reference. These annual supply contracts typically run from April to March each year. 

In relation to question 3 part (h), details of our procurement managers can be found using the following link:

In accordance with the Act, this represents a Refusal Notice for these parts of your request.


FOI Reference: 508/16