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Police Cautions 2015


  1.  In the 12 months ending 31st December 2015 on how many occasions was a police decision taken not to refer to the CPS but to instead issue a police caution, in cases involving the abuse or neglect of an older person?
  2. What guidance has been issued to police officers in relation to investigating and seeking prosecution of crimes against older people?
  3. What guidance has been issued specifically in relation to the CPS policy document on prosecuting crimes against older people?


  1. We have identified 18 offences where a police caution was used for neglect or abuse of an older person. Whether or not the CPS was consulted is not recorded, however, the offences which these cautions are related to are those which the police are able to make this decision on without CPS involvement.
  2. There is no specific guidance. However, the investigation of crimes within the context of vulnerability is an intrinsic part of relevant training including that of student officers. Officers and specialist staff are taught best practice in investigating incidents or crimes on a case by case basis. Lessons are also taught in relation to supporting victims and witnesses which includes reference to older victims.
  3. There is no specific guidance as incidents are treated on a case by case basis according to the individual victim’s needs and the specifics of the incident.

FOI Ref: 654/16


Date of Request: 27.04.16