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Dog Theft


Q1. I'd like to know how many dogs were reported stolen,

Q2. how many were recovered,

Q3. and how many of those cases involved a prosecution.

Q4. Also how many stolen dogs were found being used in dog fighting.


Clarification received:

I'd like the information for January-December 2015, and January and February 2016.


Q1. In 2015 we have 55 reports of dogs being stolen. In 2016 up to the 10th February we have three reports of stolen dogs.

Q2. We have no records of any of the dogs in 2015 being recovered. One stolen dog has was recovered in 2016.

Q3. None of the cases involved a prosecution.

Q4. None of the reported thefts related to dog fighting.

FOI Ref: 228/16

Date of Request: 29.02.16