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Crimes - Graveyards & Cemeteries


Please break down data into separate geographical areas / towns etc,  

please provide figures, and qualitative data, year on year, separately since 2009 until present for the number of reported incidences and offences relating to crimes at cemeteries or graveyards in the force area.  

If possible, please break down the information by month… Details of the type of crime Including damage to grave stones and anti-social behaviour summary of the MO test / details about the incident location  

the number of arrests and/or charges Police outcomes.  

In addition to this request, which I have just made, please would you provide the name of each cemetery / graveyard.


A search has been conducted using the search terms ‘cemetery’ and ‘graveyard’. Please find the requested information in the attached file. There was one charge in relation to the attached reports. The others were recorded with an outcome of ‘no further action’ (NFA). In a number of cases, no suspects were identified so the NFA outcome was applied pending further information.


FOI Reference: 515/16

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    Last updated: 04 May 2016