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Crimes near StJohns Church Glastonbury


For the period, March 2011 until 29 February 2016 and within a 3 mile radius of St John’s church Glastonbury:

 a) How many crimes (or potential crimes) were reported?

b) Of those reported, how many were investigated in the ‘field’ (as opposed to from the office).

c) Of those investigated, how many were resolved?

d) How many are still ongoing?

e) How many were NOT investigated?

Clarification received:

I would like the information total for ALL crimes reported in Glastonbury whether to the beat officer, 101 phone, emails or in public to another police station within the time period listed and the actions taken by the police (as per my original request).


(a) We have recorded a total of 5,160 crimes and incidents during the requested time period. Of these, 3,652 were recorded as a crime.

(b) This information is not recorded.

(c) Of those recorded as a crime, 1,191 have an outcome type of ‘resolved’. The remainder have other listed outcomes which include no further action, no suspect identified or under investigation.

(d) A total of 70 recorded crimes are currently under investigation.

(e) All reported incidents will be investigated to some extent. For example, enquiries will be made in order to ascertain whether the incident should be recorded as a crime or whether a crime has been committed. There may also be initial attendance where enquires and investigations may lead to finalisation without the need for further allocation and investigation. For example, for low level crime there may be no obvious line of enquiry. 

FOI Ref: 447/16

Date of Request: 22.03.16