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Fines Imposed


1)    What fine your police force can impose fines for 

2) What steps your constabulary takes in reclaiming money imposed on fines before sending it to a magistrates court 

3) How much money is collected, on average, by your constabulary in fines 

4) How long it takes for your police force to send the case to a Magistrates 

5) What assistance can someone with mental health issues get with paying their fine and how they are identified. 

6) What percentage of crimes committed which had a fine were collected by your authority before going to a magistrates 

Please could I have information present from the last five years and presented in a breakdown of each year please.


Q1. Fines can be imposed for road traffic offences and public disorders. The specific motoring offences can be found on our website and police issued penalty notices can be found on the ‘niderect’ website. I have provided links for reference.  

Q2. When a ticket is issued, we prepare all the relevant paperwork and record the time limits in which ticket must be paid. We send reminder letters when required. If the fine is not paid within the time limit, then a file is prepared for magistrates. 

Q3. This information is not held as Avon and Somerset Constabulary do not collect the fines. 

Q4. The time that it takes for a court case to be prepared is not recorded. The time period between issuing a ticket and sending the case to magistrates is set by a statutory time limit and will vary depending on the type of ticket issued. 

Q5. This information is not held by the constabulary. For the purpose of the Act, information that is recorded/documented is within the scope of the Act.

Please note that an individual must be able to accept the offence committed before a ticket can be issued. If any individual requires assistance in paying the fine, the magistrates can take hardship into account and set a payment plan for full payment of the fine. If an individual requires assistance in understanding and completing paperwork, then they will be advised to seek assistance from a family member, one of our front offices or the Citizens Advice Bureau. 

Q6. This information is not held as Avon and Somerset Constabulary do not collect the fines.

FOI Reference: 098/16