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Reports of Incidents at Hanham Hall, Bristol


Can you please tell me how many reports of crime we have had where I live in Hanham Hall , hanham Bristol / What type of crime. Anti social behaviour incidents and reports , were drugs and alcohol involved. drunk and disorder reports or arrests. How many phone calls the police have had reporting incidents at Hanham hall . The same information for the surrounding area of Hanham. Incidents of crime and anti social behaviour from local pubs. Can I please have the information for the last three years.

Clarification received:

Can you please provide the number of phone calls reporting incidents at hanham hall.


We have identified four records relevant to your request at Hanham Hall in the last three years. One of the calls related to an incident of anti-social behaviour. There was no indication of drugs or alcohol being involved.

FOI reference: 1089/16.

Date of request: 25.08.16.