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Computer Misuse Act


Q1. For each year since 2010, how many incidents of crime falling under the Computer Misuse Act have been recorded/investigated by your force? And how many have gone on to be prosecuted? 

Q2. What training courses are available to officers in your force to improve their knowledge/skills in cyber-crime and online fraud? 

Q3. How many officers have undertaken each type of course? And how many do you anticipate will do each course in the following year? 

Q4. How many "cyber specials" - volunteer officers specialising in computer-based crime - does your force have? Do you anticipate increasing this number in the coming year?


Q1. Crimes which fall under the Computer Misuse Act are classified as Fraud and as such, since the creation of Action Fraud are reported and recorded by them. Please see the table below for the crimes under the Computer Misuse Act which are recorded on our systems.















Our records show three prosecutions under the Computer Misuse Act. One was in 2010, one in 2014 and one in 2015. 

Q2. We provide a combination of e-learning and classroom based training to all staff investigating crime, including new student officers. The College of Policing have produced e-learning modules for all staff who deal with first complaint to investigation of crime of all types that have a cyber element. These are known as Mainstream Cyber Crime Training (MCCT) 1 for initial response and 2 for investigation. We enhance this e-learning with a practical one week course delivered by our Corporate Learning and Development Department which explores practical elements of investigation. Further to this we have units that deal specifically with complex cyber investigation from a Force and a Regional perspective.  These staff have been trained by attending approved external and internal training. 

Q3. To date, 4,429 have completed the online e-learning training and 345 officers and staff have completed the classroom based MCCT course. A further 14 classroom based courses are planned for the next 12 months which will accommodate training for another 224 officers and staff. E-learning is available for all officers and staff. Up to 128 new student officers have been recruited in the past 2 years and this figure is anticipated to continue. 

Q4. Avon and Somerset Constabulary do not currently have any ‘cyber-specials’ and no current plans regarding recruiting volunteer officers specifically in computer based crime in the coming year.

FOI Reference: 168/16