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Domestic Violence - Stats


Q1. For every year between 2010 to 2015, how many dedicated domestic abuse officers has your constabulary had?   

Q2. For every year between 2010 and 2015 inclusive, how many repeat calls outs were there under domestic violence law? I would like this information for the calendar years 2010 through 2015 as stated in the questions.  

Q3. What is the percentage of officers have received face-to-face training in domestic abuse? Note: this is the number of officers currently working within your constabulary and does not include e-learning.  

Q4. What is the percentage of officers who have received coercive control specific training at your constabulary? Please give an overall number as well as a percentage for both questions.

Q5. In reference to Recommendation 2 of HMIC’s 2014 report ‘Everyone’s Business’, does your constabulary have an action plan that specifies in detail what steps it has taken to improve its approach to domestic abuse? For example: please give details of the action plan, including how and when these steps have been carried out e.g. Training days, reviews



1. We do not have any officers dedicated exclusively to domestic abuse. However, we have a number of teams who would deal with vulnerability linked to high risk domestic abuse such as our safeguarding teams and Lighthouse. 

2. A search has been conducted for calls types of ‘domestic incident’ where a police unit was dispatched, and where there has been more than one call card created at a location. Please note that this information is based on the initial call type. The call type can be re-classified depending on what the officers deal with at the incident. 

Please note that the calls to the locations may not involve the same individuals for each call. For example, some of the locations have multiple addresses such as a block of flats, and others are holiday resorts or public places.

Please see the information requested below. 


Number of locations with multiple domestic incident calls













3. All new recruits receive domestic abuse training.

4. Online training materials for coercion and control have been available since the new legislation went live on 29th December 2015.  As this is very new legislation, we have not yet undertaken an evaluation of how many officers have undertaken this training to date, however, we do intend to review both its delivery and impact in the near future. Please note that training covering coercive and controlling behaviour is also covered in domestic abuse training and student officer training.

5. Yes. Our Domestic Abuse Action Plan March 2015 is available to view on our website. I have provided a link for reference. It is currently under review and is likely to be updated in March 2016.



FOI Reference:058/16