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LGBT - Domestic Abuse


Please can I refine to question 5 and 6 only from the below.  

5. Does your force have any of the following provisions for LGBT victims of domestic abuse? If yes, please expand if necessary.

  • LGBT Liaison officer/s
  • LGBT DA specific training for staff
  • LGBT DA campaigns
  • Rainbow flag on publications
  • Focus groups with LGBT victims
  • other (please expand)
  • none of the above 

6. Do you record victim and perpetrators’ sexual orientations on your systems?



5. The constabulary currently has a LGBT liaison team. The liaison team is comprised from 20 police officers, Police Community Support Officers, and police staff who undertake this role as volunteers in addition to their core duties. One member of the team has taken specific responsibility for Domestic Abuse issues. Refresher LGBT training is received every year. 

Last year, specific LGBT domestic abuse training was provided with input from a specialist group. We also hold regular ‘drop ins’ in LGBT venues. Avon & Somerset police recently took part in a Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) sponsored investigative project led by The Diversity Trust and Next Link into same sex and transgender domestic abuse. Part of this work was delivery of training to professionals in the area and our LGBT received a whole days training on LGBT domestic abuse issues. LGBT was featured by the constabulary as a whole day in a week of domestic abuse action last year. 

Publications do not routinely carry a Rainbow Flag but we are Stonewall Diversity Champions which allows us to use the Stonewall logo on our web sites and publications. We are also submitting to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index this year where we hope to be guided as to where we can improve our service in an ongoing commitment to LGBT communities. 

6. Our recording systems do allow for the sexual orientation of victims and suspects to be recorded, however it is not mandatory.   

FOI Reference: 203/16