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Reported Domestic Violence in the last 12 Months


1) In the last 12 months, to date, how many alleged incidents of domestic violence have been reported to the police?

2) How have these alleged incidents been disposed of, i.e. charged, dismissed etc? I would like a breakdown for each incident

3) How many of those people charged were under 18 years of age?

4) How many of these alleged incidents concerned victims aged 16 or 17?

5) How many of these alleged incidents concerned victims aged under 16?

I would like clarification for each question on whether the perpetrator was male or female and also whether the victim was male or female.


  1. We have identified 14,413 crimes and 12,267 incidents that have been reported and marked with a domestic abuse flag. Of the 14,413 crimes recorded, a total of 14,477 victims have been identified. Please note that the same victim could have reported multiple offences. A total of 10,164 were female, 3,105 were male. For the remainder, the victim’s gender has not been recorded. We are unable to provide the gender breakdown for the 12,627 incidents as a victim is not recorded unless the incident is recorded as a crime.
  2. A total of 4,146 have positive outcomes including charges and cautions etc. A total of 1,000 have been fully resolved with outcomes such as, not in the public interest or insufficient evidence to proceed. The remainder have not yet been disposed of as they are either under investigation or are awaiting outcome.
  3. Of a total 3,145 charges, 76 relate to offenders who were under the age of 18 years. Of these offenders, 12 were female and 62 were male. The gender of two offenders is not recorded.
  4. There are 391 crimes marked as domestic (involving 330 different victims) where the victim is recorded to be aged 16 or 17. A total of 250 victims were female and 77 were male. The gender of three of the victims is unknown or not recorded.
  5. There are 349 crimes marked as domestic (involving 334 different victims) where the victim is reported to be aged 1 to 15.  A total of 182 of the victims were female and 142 were male. The gender is unknown or was not recorded in eight of the cases.

The gender breakdown of victims and offenders is provided in the response to each question above.

FOI Ref: 662/16

Date of Request: 29.04.16