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Drug Driving Tests (1)


Since the drug-driving laws came into force on March 2, 2015 could you please state (i) how many tests on drivers you have carried out, (ii) how many of these were positive and (iii) please provide a breakdown of the drug/drugs discovered in the positive tests.

Of those positive tests what was the highest level detected of (i) cocaine, (ii) Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (cannabis and cannabinol) and (iii) methadone.


Tri-Force is a collaboration between Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Gloucestershire Constabulary and Wiltshire Police to provide Specialist Operational Services. This encompasses the specialisms of Firearms, Roads Policing, Collision Investigation and Dogs. 

Tri-Force began using the roadside tests in November 2015 and has only recently started collating data centrally. Tri-Force has carried out 245 tests. Of those, 80 were positive (53 Cannabis, 20 Cocaine and seven for both Cannabis and Cocaine).

The level of drug detected is not currently recorded. At this stage we only record whether it was a positive, negative or invalid test or whether the driver refused to take the test.

FOI Ref: 486/16

Date of Request: 31.03.16