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Roadside Drug Tests


How much has the deployment and training for the ‘Drugalyser’ cost in your force?  

- How many people have been tested positive for drugs on roadside tests?

Date Range: From the first day of deployment up until your most recent records  

- How many arrests and convictions has the ‘Drugalyser’ programme resulted in?

Date Range: From the first day of deployment up until your most recent records  

- What drugs were convictions related to? 

Clarification received from you stated:

The information I am after is concerning the newly deployed roadside tests.



Tri Force is a collaboration between Avon and Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Police to provide Specialist Operational Services. This encompasses the specialisms of Firearms, Roads Policing, Collision Investigation and Dogs.  

Avon and Somerset Constabulary has spent £2,000 on the preliminary screen kits. All other funding for drugs wipes have come from central monies provided by the Department for Transport where Tri Force Collaboration was awarded £60,000. This money has been spent on road side drug wipes and custody drugs machines. 

Tri Force began using the roadside tests around November/December and has only recently stated collating data centrally. The figures collated to date are as follows:

149 Drugs Wipes tests conducted,

52 positive results/arrests (35 for Cannabis, 9 for Cocaine & 8 tested positive for both). 

Conviction details are not currently collated centrally by Tri force, therefore I can only provide figures for Avon and Somerset Constabulary. Roadside drug tests have led to the conviction of 4 individuals, 2 for cannabis and 2 for cocaine.

FOI Reference: 071/16