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Abandoned 101 Non Emergency Calls


Please could you supply details of the number of dropped non-emergency 101 calls to your control centre, meaning calls that have either gone unanswered of or have been cut off, broken down by year for the past five years?

I would also like the most recent figures you have which show how long it took for the average 101 call to be answered and what the longest time it took for a call to be answered?







2015/16   (up to 26.01.16)

Average time to be answered

No data   available

18 seconds

18 seconds

58 seconds

1 minute 30   seconds

Number of calls abandoned (after waiting 1 minute)






Longest time to be answered

No Data   Available

26 minutes   55 seconds

28 minutes   8 seconds

43 minutes   4 seconds

78 minutes   40 seconds

 You will notice that the time taken to answer non-emergency 101 calls has increased. This can be attributed to the implementation of a new way of managing calls. The Communications Department has embedded the new ways of working around vulnerable victim identification and referral and improved public service in crime recording and intelligence submissions. The implementation of a First point of contact switchboard on the non-emergency line from October 2014 has enabled us to better manage and actively resolve call demand and customer expectations.  The primary 101 line deals with approximately two thirds of all 101 calls at first point of contact. Switchboard operators offer advice and signposting to actively resolve public requests for service.  The secondary 101 line operates where more complicated and detailed responses or referrals are required by fully skilled call handlers. We are continually reviewing this to ensure we deliver a good quality service to the public and we have implemented a “Quality Assurance tool” to assess call handling quality across teams and individuals.

The number of police staff versus police officers based in the Communications Department has increased. Alongside this has been a programme of training, ensuring staff are multi-skilled and better equipped to deliver improved public service at first point of contact. Resourcing the Communications Centre with police staff ensures as many trained police officers are released for front line duties which includes responding to 999 and 101 calls.


FOI Ref: 212/16

Date of Request: 02.02.16