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Firearms Licence Applications


For the calendar years 2013, 2014, 2015, and for 2016 to date, could you please tell me:

1. What the average waiting time for the successful completion of a new firearms licence application process was in your area, ie, how long on average people waited between submitting their application and receiving their first licence (renewals excluded)?

2. What the average waiting time for a firearms licence renewal was in your area?

3. How many first time firearm licence applications were made?

4. How many first time applications were unsuccessful?

5. How many members of staff you employ to process firearms licence applications?


Q1 & Q2: The average time taken to grant or renew firearms or shot gun certificates is not recorded. There are many variables which may affect the length of this process including health reports and land permission etc. and enquiries are dealt with in date order from receipt of a completed application from the applicant.

Q3: We do not record whether an application is a first time firearm licence application or a repeat applicant; we just hold a record of all applications made that are still retained.  

Q4: As we do not record the number of first time applications we have provided the total number of refusals for all applications below: 


No. of refusals







2016 to date


Q5: 9 Full Time Equivalent staff.

FOI reference: 1268/16.

Date of request: 12.10.16.