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Firearms Permit Section 5 & Section 7


1. What is your force’s policy on the possession of Section 5 firearms and ammunition on a Section 7 Temporary Permit which has been issued to cover occasions when a certificate has not been renewed on time?

2. How many Section 7 Temporary Permits are currently issued to certificate holders as a result of renewals not being processed before the certificate expired?

3. How many Section 7 Temporary Permits, distinguishing between firearm certificates and shot gun certificates, have been issued in each of the following years; 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015?

4. How many certificate holders are currently in possession of firearms/shot guns without a certificate because their certificate has expired and no Section 7 Temporary Permit has been issued?

5. For the purposes of the Firearms Act 1968, how do you understand the term ‘occupier’ as used in Section 11(5)?


1. Section 7 Temporary Permits are not issued for Section 5 firearms. If a certificate for a Section 5 firearm is not renewed then the firearm would be seized.

2. Three Section 7 Temporary Permits have been issued as a result of delays in certificate renewals.

3. This information is not held as the permits are deleted once a licence is issued.

4. No information is held as a Section 7 permit is issued if an application to renew a certificate has been issued and there is a delay in renewal.

5. We use the definition as outlined in Home Office guidance.

FOI Ref: 337/16

Date of Request: 29.02.16