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Knife Crime Up to end 2015


Please could you give me the following figures for the year ending 2015 (up to end of December 2015):  

1) In your region, how many people were caught carrying knives?  

2) In your region, how many people were victims of knife crime (wounding / stabbing etc)?  

3) In your region, how many people were convicted of knife crime (both carrying and using knives)?


Q1. We have interpreted your question as the number of crimes listed under the classification of ‘possession of an article with a blade’. For 2015, a total of 218 crimes were recorded which relate to a total of 211 suspects. 

Q2. For 2015 a total of 240 victims of ‘assault with injury’, ‘assault with intent’ and ‘attempted murder’ have been identified where there is a tag on the crime record indicating that a knife was involved to either threaten or injure. Please note that the injury to the victim may not have been caused by a knife but may have been used to threaten. 

Q3. There were 33 convictions in 2015 for knife crime. These convictions include possession and or use of knives or bladed articles.


FOI Reference: 083/16