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Middle Lane Hogging


In August 2013, the government introduced new measures with the aim of deterring people from being in the incorrect lane for their speed - what is commonly called ‘Middle Lane Hogging’.

Specifically, I would like to know the following:

- How many people have you charged (e.g. issued a fined/fixed penalty notice) with ‘middle lane hogging’ since the law was introduced?

- How many fines/fixed penalties have you issued which may be related to the above offence? (For example, undertaking, tailgating or driving too slowly.)


I regret to advise you that although we hold the information you have asked for, your request is refused because we estimate that the cost of compliance would exceed the cost limits under the Act which is currently set at £450 or 18 staff hours work.  This letter represents a Refusal Notice under the Act.

This is because the information requested is not centrally recorded and would involve an extensive search of our records to find and collate it. Offences of careless driving are issued under the offence code RT88575 – Driving without due care and attention and RT88576 – Driving without reasonable consideration for others. The specific offence, i.e. middle lane hogging, is not centrally recorded, and therefore each ticket issued for these two offences would need to be manually reviewed in order to ascertain if it was issued for middle lane hogging. With over 591 offences for the requested time period, it is estimated that it would take considerably longer than 18 hours to comply with your request.

FOI reference: 1334/16.

Date of request: 31.10.16.