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Property/Estates Management


1) Who is the Property/Estates manager

2) Do you use an agent to manage the estate/assets and if so who

3) Who is the Finance Officer not the Chief Finance Officer

Clarification received:

I am unsure of the title for the person I am looking for but I know the Chief Finance Officer for Avon & Somerset is Julian Kern.

In this case if you could answer the other two questions that would be great.


1. Within Avon and Somerset Constabulary we have two roles:

Head of Estates – D. Harley (Developing strategy and advising the Force and the PCC on property matters)

Asset Manager – J. Sumner (Asset acquisitions and disposals and managing property related income- leases/licences etc )

2. We do have retained property advisors. These are currently  – Hartnell Taylor Cook LLP – Bristol.

FOI Ref: 381/16

Date of Request: 08.03.16